Rise of the Evolutionaries

An Evolutionary is an individual who believes in the critical need for human evolution and is willing to embark on The Road to Human Evolution. Such march entails the following: A clear understanding of the role of Principled Leadership, Virtual Organizations, a World of Virtual Organizations, Virtual Organization Leadership, Principled Geopolitical Leadership, Political Evolution, Making the Transition from Human to Intelligent Being, and Building a Global Civilization of Intelligent Beings Based On a Civilized World Financial System.

Beneath…Lie Battered Souls

Beneath our meticulous grooming and manicure, flawless appearance, suits, costumes and other attire, degrees, titles, achievements, reputation, followers, so-called fortune and claim to fame lie nothing but a bunch of battered souls.

Treasure Chest for Advocates of Human Evolution

A Treasure Chest for all advocates of human evolution. You will get a clear understanding of the role of virtual organizations, virtual organization leadership, principled geopolitical leadership, political evolution, making the transition from human being to intelligent being, and building a global civilization based on a civilized world financial system – in order to embark on the road to human evolution.

The Virtual Organization Leadership Proof Is in the Coronavirus Virtual Leadership Challenge

The virtual leadership challenges presented by the Coronavirus Global Pandemic are stark and vivid reminders of the need for ALL leading organizations to have in place a Global Virtual Organization Leadership Force which includes ALL Critical Business Units throughout their organization and which can instantly and effectively respond to any or all Business Continuity crises.