Universal Enrollment Procedures for Standard Solutions

Startups and innovation-focused technology organizations are advised to observe the following Procedures for Enrollment of their Executives and other personnel into any of the following Standard Programs:

  • Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment & Certification  (a 90-calendar-day program :: $15,000 per Executive)
  • Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment (a 5-working day project – Monday – Friday :: $2500 per Candidate)
  • Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment  (a 4-hour test and oral evaluation :: $750 per Candidate)

Step #1.    Knowledge Is Power.    It’s not enough to know which solution(s) Virtual Organization Leadership is offering.   The real question that you need to ask yourself is, “Why Do We Need It Now?”    Not tomorrow,  Not in the near future, but NOW!   The Urgency of Now. 

Unless you are able to answer that question to yourself,  there isn’t really much that we can do for you.   Nonetheless, we can, however,  provide you with a good deal of information that will put you on the right path and send you in the right direction.

Here is some Critical Knowledge that you will gain from the following articles:    Antidote to Ransomware Attacks: A Virtual Organization COOP Force   ::  Is Your COOP Strategy Out of Date Or “We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get There”?


The sort of information which will allow you to answer that question to yourself.

As well,  Contact the Founder of Virtual Organization Leadership in order to let him know that you have taken the recommended first step toward the building of a Virtual Organization Leadership Force for your organization.   Upon receipt of such notification, you will receive confidential contact information that you can use throughout  Steps #2 – 3  in the event you have any questions which require the founder’s immediate assistance.

Step #2.    Preparation Is Key.     Once a decision has been made to proceed with a particular solution,  convene the key members of your  Leadership Team  in order to  identify the Critical Business Units and stakeholders (one or more) throughout your organization which stand to greatly benefit from one or more of these solutions.

The point being,  you want to be able to identify and select the initial wave of  Candidatesit can be 1 or more candidates – who will be assigned to participate in the foregoing Virtual Organization Leadership programs and thus become the backbone of  your organization’s future Global Virtual Organization Leadership Force.

In essence, you want to begin to plant the seeds of a formidable global virtual organization leadership force which can eventually expand over the years to a point whereby it will be able to respond within seconds to any major local, domestic, international or global crises (e.g., global pandemic, Bio-Weapon Warfare, cyber attacks on critical infrastructureconventional attacks on critical infrastructure,  Economic Warfare,  disastrous internal destabilization campaigns,  breakdown of social order, color revolutions;  wave of kidnappings and assassinations of key corporate leaders, scientists and government officials;  globally coordinated disinformation campaigns, natural calamities,  tsunamis, nuclear or conventional war).

Step #3.    Candidate Selection.     From the Universe of Potential Candidates you have identified at Step #2,  it’s now time to select the initial wave of Candidates (one or more) who will get to participate in one of the foregoing training, project or assessment programs.

Once you have identified and selected this initial wave of candidates, then proceed to Step #4 below.

Step #4.    Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.    Now that you have identified the initial wave of Candidates from ALL the Critical Business Units throughout your organization,  you are now in a position to carry out an intelligent discussion with Virtual Organization Leadership in terms of critical details and additional insights we can share with you regarding these programs and the best way to proceed.    Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.

Step #5.     Proceed to Enroll Your Candidate(s).   Upon conclusion of the VIP Videoconference, all you have to do is to now submit an  Enrollment Application for each Candidate.   Initially,  we highly recommend the  Virtual Organization Leadership Executive Training, Assessment & Certification  solution (a 90-calendar-day program :: $15,000 per Executive).   

Once you have established this Virtual Organization Leadership Force (of one or more candidates) throughout your organization,  you will then be in a position to gradually bring into the fold other executives and professionals who do not require at the onset participation in the more extensive 90-day program.   

The second wave of  Candidates can be selected to participate in the 5-Day Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment program.  And the third wave of Candidates can be selected to participate in the 4-Hour Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment program.   

As the need arises, those second and third wave Candidates could be selected to participate in the next level program so that, over a period of time, ALL members of the Virtual Organization Leadership Force would have participated in the 90-Day program and become full-fledged Virtual Organization Leadership Executives.     

Step #6.    Time to Build Your Virtual Organization Leadership Force.   Once these successful Candidates have completed their 90-Day training and rejoined your organization, they can then begin the process of building your organization’s brand new Virtual Organization Leadership Force from the ground up.

In Conclusion

So Where Do We Go From Here!   Start at Step #1 and simultaneously  Contact the Founder of Virtual Organization Leadership in order to introduce yourself as well as to advise us that you have now begun to take the first step.

There is a simple reason for that.  Should you have any questions that require immediate assistance during Steps #1-3,  be sure to contact him via the proper channels you will be made privy to.

Once you have completed Step #3, then Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights.   That’s all there is to it!