Adoption Strategy for CloudCoin As a Digital Global Reserve Currency

Originally published on August 23, 2020 at Virtual Organization Management Institute Repository

What happens when you have a product or service or idea or utility or innovation which is so Revolutionary in terms of its global application that you have a really hard time trying to convey its essence to a universe of potential stakeholders scattered all across the globe?

To compound the dilemma, what happens when such universe of potential stakeholders literally and figuratively includes just about every single Human Being, Business, Organization, Institution and Government across the globe?

Last but not least, what happens when The Learning Curve is so insignificant that it only requires the intelligence of a normal 6-8 year old child?    

I am using that age barometer for the simple reason that I have seen with my own two eyes what my now 8 year-old granddaughter has been able to accomplish or perform with an  iPhone and iPad – and laptop computer – at nearly the speed of light (slight exaggeration) over the past couple of years.      Of course, I am sure that many readers of this article know quite a number of children with such claim to fame who date from an even earlier age period –  in which case, that further buttresses the point I am making when it comes to the learning curve involved.   Click here to continue