ELO: Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment

We assess Existing Staff or New Hires your organization has personally selected to undergo this 4-HOUR Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment provided in conjunction with our business partner VOMI Virtual Organization Academy in order to determine if the Candidate has a strong potential to Adapt and Thrive in either a  100% Virtual Organization, Virtual Team, Virtual or Flexible Workplace environment.

Program Highlights

  • A 4-Hour Virtual Organization Aptitude Assessment.
  • Each Candidate is administered online via videoconference a written Virtual Organization Aptitude Test which is immediately followed by an Oral Evaluation Exam.
  • Each successful participant is awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion by our partner “VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.”  

Minimum Requirement.   A minimum of 100 Candidates per enrollment application.

Transparent Fees and Payment Terms

  • Enrollment Fee:   USD $750 per Executive.
  • Payment Terms:    Due immediately upon receipt of electronic invoice for enrollment and prior to the beginning of assessment.  Fees and terms are non-negotiable. 

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