Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment Solution Details

A 100% Experiential 5-Day Project.   This is a 100% Experiential 5-Day Project (Monday – Friday)  conducted online in a Real World, Real Work, Live 100% Virtual Organization environment by our partner VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.

Individual Enrollment Process.    Upon receipt of the Enrollment Application  and full payment of the program fee in accordance with Virtual Organization Leadership’s  (“VOL”)  invoicing and payment terms,  your organization will be provided with detailed instructions for the Candidate to enroll and participate in the 5-Day Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy directly from its website.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment at Virtual Organization Leadership.   Review the terms and conditions of enrollmentSimple and straightforward.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.  The terms and conditions of enrollment at VOMI Virtual Organization Academy apply to all candidates participating in the program and are effectively incorporated by reference herein.

VOMI Virtual Organization Academy Awards.   Upon completion of their project, each Candidate will be awarded by VOMI Virtual Organization Academy one of the following based on their respective Virtual Organization Candidate Performance Score:    1)  Letter of Participation or   2)  Certificate oSuccessful Completion.

  • Letter of Participation.    Each Candidate who completes the entire 5-Day project with a Virtual Organization Project Performance Score of less than 70% will receive a Letter of Participation.
  • Certificate of Successful Completion.   Each Candidate who completes the entire 5-Day project program with a minimum Virtual Organization Project  Performance Score of 70% is deemed to have successfully completed the program and will receive a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Universal Procurement, Enrollment, Billing and Payment Terms:    Upon receipt of an organization’s Enrollment Application directly from VOL’s website,  VOL will submit to your organization an electronic invoice for the Candidate listed on the Enrollment Application.   Full payment is due immediately upon receipt of electronic invoice and must be paid online prior to Candidate enrollment.   ALL VOL procurement practices and enrollment procedures,  fees and terms are non-negotiable.

Applicability to All Organizations Worldwide.   Regardless of the size of your organization or institution,  please note that  VOL‘s Procurement Process,  Client Enrollment procedures,  as well as all Fees, Billing and Payment Terms,  are universal for all organizations worldwide.   No exception will be made for any organization.

VOL Client Procurement Process

  • Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights
  • Upon conclusion of  the VIP Videoconference, your organization will be formally provided with an official time frame for Guaranteed Client Enrollment and Completion of the Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment.

Otherwise,  any Client Enrollment Application directly from our website which bypasses the VIP Videoconference may wind up being placed on a Client Enrollment Waiting List due to a lack of available human resources.

  • Submit Client Enrollment Application within the official time frame provided in the  formal notification sent to your organization and proceed thereon.

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Request an On Demand VIP Videoconference for Additional Insights

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