Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment

We assess Existing Staff or New Hires your organization has personally selected to undergo this 5-DAY Virtual Organization Candidate Assessment provided in conjunction with our business partner VOMI Virtual Organization Academy in order to determine if the Candidate is able to Collaborate and Thrive in a  100% Virtual or Virtual Organization environment.

Program Highlights

  • 100% Experiential Program over a 5-workday period (Monday – Friday).
  • Each Candidate is assigned to participate online in a Live, Real World, 100% Virtual Organization project that is designed to draw on the candidate’s individual strengths, education, background and experience.
  • Each successful participant is awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion by our partner  “VOMI Virtual Organization Academy.”  

Minimum Requirement.      The Candidate must be sponsored by an organization.  Enrollment is not available to the general public.

Transparent Fees and Payment Terms

  • Enrollment Fee:   USD $2,500 per Executive.
  • Payment Terms:    Due immediately upon receipt of electronic invoice for enrollment and prior to the beginning of assessment.  Fees and terms are non-negotiable. 

More Information

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